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The football world commemorates the anniversary of the Hillborough Disaster from 11 April - 14 April.

On 15 April, 1989 Liverpool traveled to Hillsborough Stadium to face Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup semi-final. At 15:06 the game was stopped when it was realized that the terraces that were full of Liverpool supporters crashed due to over capacity, injuring 766 and fatally wounding 96. One of them was Steven Gerrard’s own 10 year old cousin.

Hence every game that will be played between the dates of 11 - 14 April, 2014 will start 7 minutes late, followed by a minute of silence to acknowledge that fact.

"It gives us great commitment and motivation, of course. We’ll get a chance to commemorate Hillsborough next week. It’s going to be a great atmosphere at the weekend and, of course, the significance of Hillsborough for the world is to be marked. For us, we carry it every day of our lives here, as a manager, as players, as the supporters. Ninety-six people died and the victims of that and the families are with us every day of our lives. 

That is one of the huge reasons why we try to work well to give them that comfort and support that their team and club is moving continually forward.So this weekend will be huge for that but also we get the chance to pay our commemorations in the early part of next week.” - Brendan Rodgers